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  • avoid-paying-taxes-when-selling-real-estate

December 2016 – Avoid Taxes When Selling Real Estate

In This Issue: Video: How to Sell Real Estate Without Paying Taxes White Paper: Use 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges to Maximize Profits

  • Retain-Good-Employee-Talent-1920

August 2016 – Retaining Good Employee Talent

In This Issue: Video: Retaining Employee Talent White Paper: Employee or Independent Contractor?

  • why-keep-records-cheri-hill-sage-international

June 2016 – Why Keep Records?

In This Issue: Video: Why Keep Records For Your Business? White Paper: Why Keep Records?

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April 2016 – Private (Family) Foundations

In This Issue: Video: Private Foundations with Cheri Hill White Paper: Private (Family) Foundations

  • living-trust-overview

March 2016 – Living Trust Overview

In This Issue: Video: Living Trusts White Paper: Why Do Estate Planning? White Paper: How To Choose A Qualified Estate Planning Attorney

  • You're-Working-to-Hard-to-Make-the-Sale-1200

February 2016 – You’re Working Too Hard To Make a Sale

In This Issue: Video: You’re Working to Hard to Make the Sale White Paper: Needs Vs. Wants

  • how-we-help-business-owners-increase-sales

January 2016 – How We Business Owners Grow Their Business

In This Issue: Video: Three Ways to Grow Your Business White Paper: Complacency Breeds Failure

  • how-we-help-entrepreneurs-with-buy-sell-agreements

December 2015 – How We Entrepreneurs with Buy-Sell Agreements

In This Issue: Video: The Painful Consequence of Not Having a Buy Sell Agreement White Paper: Buy-Sell Agreements- How You Control the Destiny of your Business! White Paper: What is a Buy-Sell Agreement?

  • how-we-help-business-owners-lower-taxes-big-time

November 2015 – How We Help Business Owners Lower Taxes BIG TIME

In This Issue: Video: Make Sure You Are Getting Paid What You are Worth White Paper: What Is & Isn’t Income White Paper: Eleven Ways to Take Compensation Out of Your Company

  • home-based-business-featured-image

October 2015 – How We Help Home Based Businesses

In This Issue: Video: Four Options for Choosing a Home Based Business White Paper: Home Based Business Tax Deductions White Paper: Time Management for Home Based Businesses

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September 2015 – How we Help Real Estate Investors

How We Help Real Estate Investors: Investing in Real Estate with Cheri Hill How we help Real Estate Investors What Do Successful Investors Really Buy?  

  • how-we-help-real-estate-investors-featured-image-01

August 2015 – Wealth Protection

In This Issue: Video: August Update – Business Ethics White Paper: Why Asset Protection Must Be A Life-Long Process White Paper: The #1 Wealth Protection Planning Mistake

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July 2015 How We Help Business Ethics

In This Issue: Video: Business Ethics White Paper: Leverage Your Ethics as a Competitive Advantage