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“Your vibe determines your tribe.” Anonymous

About Zack

Zack Marsh, Digital Media Specialist launched himself into the entrepreneurial world at age 18 and realized it’s really hard so he stepped back to work on his skills sets (everything related to running a company). He is in charge of all things digital for Sage and will assist in Cheri’s desire for global domination which means that his love of technology allows him to provide mediums of success in ways most people are still trying to figure out (especially those that are over age 40!).

He brings his ability to capture the essence of a company to light and has successfully helped many organizations move from being rather dull to actually standing in the spotlight.

When not in his Director’s chair he enjoys hiking, developing movie scripts (yes, he wears a beret), writing and playing music and now screaming down the highway in his new red mustang (vrooommmm!!)