About Cheri Hill

Cheri S. Hill “Wealth Protection Diva”, has been a successful entrepreneur/business owner and premier business strategist for the past 27 years as President & CEO of Sage International Inc. She is a national speaker, best selling author of Incorporate & Get Rich!, and motivational teacher of financial education, business development and wealth protection strategies.

Asset Protection & Estate Planning

Estate Planning & Asset Protection There are a lot of asset protection gurus who hammer on the importance of protecting your assets from negligent lawsuits.  It’s certainly a valid consideration, however, I’m more interested in sharing the many other reasons that you need to consider formulating an asset protection/estate planning strategy right now. So, let

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Why Keep Records?

People in business usually fall into one of two categories – those who are fascinated with numbers, and those who are frightened by them. Take heart. Numbers are neither magical, mysterious, nor menacing. They merely reflect decisions you have already made in your business. Every decision leads to a number, but numbers themselves are not

Nevada Commerce Tax – What You Need to Know

Every business registered in the state of Nevada, except 501c nonprofit organizations who get to file an initial Exempt Status Entity Form with the Department of Taxation at the following link http://tax.nv.gov/uploadedFiles/taxnvgov/Content/FAQs/Exempt_Status_Entity_Form.pdf is subject to the Nevada Commerce Tax and must file the Commerce Tax Return by August 15th regardless of whether you

Private Family Foundations

For years private foundations have gained prominence in the media, and raised public awareness of their causes. Every private foundation must have a charitable “intent” which is managed by an appointed trustee or executive director (which can be you) that oversees the foundation's investments and distributes the foundation's assets. Beyond the joy of philanthropy itself,

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