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Cheri S. Hill “Wealth Protection Diva”, has been a successful entrepreneur/business owner and premier business strategist for the past 27 years as President & CEO of Sage International Inc. She is a national speaker, best selling author of Incorporate & Get Rich!, and motivational teacher of financial education, business development and wealth protection strategies.

What Is & Isn’t Income

What does the tax code mean by the term “income”?  The tax law doesn’t care whether you receive income from your business, W2 wages paid by your employer or from an investment you made 3 years ago. It is taxable to you as an individual. Definition of Business Income Besides the obvious, receipt of cash,

Home Based Business Tax Deductions

A home based business provides numerous opportunities to convert personal non-deductible expenses into deductible business expenses. For many home based businesspeople, taking the home office deduction is a major financial incentive to start businesses in their home, and it can have a significant and positive effect on the home ased business’s financial position. To qualify

What Do Successful Investors Really Buy?

Do successful investors prefer properties in perfect condition or that need fixing up? Do they like residential or commercial, downtown or in the suburbs, manufactured, brick or wooden frames, exteriors painted brown or gray? While any of these choices may describe a particular individual’s comfort zone, the true investor treats the physical property as a

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