Reno Businesses are getting ready for an in depth review of their business and how best to harness local experts and insights to grow in 2017.

Over the course of my 23 years in business, I have identified and refined my understanding and use of these eleven drivers that create upside leverage and exponential business growth that I have used (along with the highest performing businesses) to drive sustainable growth, profitability and competitive superiority.

This course is designed to help you examine how these eleven drivers directly relate to your business efforts, activities and opportunities. Also, it allows us to drill down directly into your business so you start to create upside leverage which means getting an activity, an investment, an opportunity, and an effort of people or creative intellectual capital to produce for you and your business at a much higher, bigger, better, more profitable yield or result than it otherwise would.

I am positive that this course will animate your spirit, challenge your sense of what’s truly possible, excite your creative and achievemental side of your brain – and provoke you to start demanding the maximum performance capability.

It is my heartfelt desire to see you never again, unknowingly, restrict or limit the amount of clients you generate, the amount of profit you make, the amount of impact you have in the world, the market value of your business, the success you achieve, the joy and control you maintain – and the prosperity and impact you can have in the world!

– Cheri Hill

The Eleven Drivers of Upside Leverage & Exponential Business Growth

  1. Marketing
  2. Your Strategy
  3. Sales
  4. Capital (Human, Intellectual, Financial)
  5. Your Business Model
  6. Relationships
  7. Your Distribution Channels
  8. Your Products and Services
  9. Your Processes, Procedures & Systems
  10. Your Ideology
  11. Networking

12-weeks to a winning business strategy!

  • How to Harness the Power of Business Imagination.
  • Networking and the Importance of Achieving the Level of Master Connector.
  • How to Create Profitable Change.
  • Leverage Social Media, SEO and Organic Marketing tactics to reach new customers online.
  • How to Build Value for Your Shareholders (even if you are the ONLY shareholder).
  • Why Stagnation and Failure Comes From a Hesitancy to Make Decisions.
  • How to Plan for Success. Out-Think Your Competitors. Stay Ahead of Change.
  • Three Ways to Grow Your Business.
  • Why Marketing is all About Value. Creating Value; Capturing Value; Communicating Value; and Delivering Value.
  • Determine the most important growth strategy (structure, capitalization, staffing, products/markets, product development) to focus on.
  • Local Reno Business Experts share their valuable insights.
  • And of course, so much more!