Bay Area Multifamily Moguls

Englander Sports Pub 101 Parrott Street, San Leandro, CA, United States

Be Prepared! Don’t Let the World Kick You In The Assets w/Cheri S. Hill, the “Wealth Protection Diva” If you are ready to learn the mindset required to safely grow, protect, and leverage your hard-earned wealth, then join us for this dynamic and interactive learning experience. You will see exactly how Cheri has helped thousands

Tahoe Business Expo

Harvey’s Lake Tahoe Casino & Resort 18 Highway 50 at Stateline Avenue, Stateline, NV, United States

Understand/Develop Your Blue Ocean Strategy The single biggest reason that businesses fail is that they're unable to find a niche. They open a dry cleaner, landscape business or hair salon that is not positioned any differently than their competitors.  The concept behind positioning is simple: Find a hole and fill it (Blue Ocean).  The more

Nevada Rotary November 3, 2015 Meeting

Peppermill Resort Spa Casino 2707 S Virginia St., Reno, NV, United States

Idea Networking Some of you may be thinking: “I’m a good networker. But I’m not particularly innovative.” That may well be true. But it’s probably because you are like most successful executives who are what we call resource networkers, rather than idea networkers. Most executives network to sell themselves, their companies, or to build relationships