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Everyone wants to show you how to make a million dollars, Cheri shows people how to keep it! That’s why she is known as the Wealth Protection Diva! From teaching small business owners, real estate investors, professionals and entrepreneurs how to avoid the Three Flaming Arrows of Challenge: Income Taxes, Liability Exposure, Probate & Death Taxes so they protect and preserve everything they are working so hard to create. Her goal is to empower your group so they learn how to own nothing yet control everything!

Cheri Completely Engages the Audience Like Nobody Else

She doesn’t like to work alone. This is about dialogue, not monologue. Consider the fact that she has probably answered a least a million questions related to starting and growing successful companies, not only does she pose a lot of questions, she wants to answer the audiences too. No one can ever accuse her of withholding information!

Resonates with Your Audience

For over two decades, Cheri has built a multi-million dollar company from scratch. She doesn’t talk about what it takes to be successful she knows what it takes. She has a Master’s Degree from the School of Hard Knocks and knows how to deliver dynamic, inspiring information completely geared for your audience. It’s an odd combination. Being a business owner herself (experiencing all the triumphs and tribulations) and then her business (Sage International, Inc.) helps people start their own companies. Your group will get the benefit of knowing Cheri is speaking directly to their personal motivations, fears and desires.

Actionable Advice Your Group Can Instantly Use

Your audience will not just be listening during Cheri’s presentation they actually get to see it. She loves to draw pictures (boxes and stick people) certainly not anything like Van Gogh! When you create clarity people can take action. After hearing Cheri’s messages, your group will make lifelong changes that will improve their businesses.

Cheri Will Make Your Group Laugh with Her Wit and Humor

Your audience are most receptive to ideas than when they’re laughing. Cheri learned many years ago that humor is an amazing antidote in life. In fact, she believes the most wasted of all days is one without laughter. Business can be hard, demanding and even bizarre. So if you aren’t laughing, you’re crying and she would prefer to find the humor in all the lessons so that your group, not only learn at your event, but enjoy themselves as well.

Cheri is a Master Connector

She enjoys meeting people before and after she speaks, often times being a student in the audience herself. What better way to get to know who she’ll be speaking too if she’ already had a lot of conversations with your group. And then, when she gets up on stage they already know her and she knows them. Plus, she is famous for her networking skills, so it’s a bonus having her in the room because her ultimate goal is always to get people what they need next.


  • She was a Renaissance Faire Wench for 12 years

    Which means she understands what it means to go back in time, play an unusual part and put on a great show!

  • She is a Bee Keeper!

    As a member of the Mason Valley Beekeepers and Nevada State Beekeepers Conference, Cheri is intimately involved in the complex world of beekeeping and pollination for the benefit of all living creatures! Every time you take your third bite of any food, you can thank a beekeeper!

  • She was born in 1960

    Does that make her a Hippie? Well having lived in Northern California for half her life she does own tie-dye clothing, loves to attend live music festivals, and enjoys hugging a tree on occasion. However, what that also means is that even though she looks young, she has an amazing arsenal of knowledge and experience to back what she shares with her audiences. As a business owner or real estate investor, you need to learn from someone who has been there and done that (successfully, of course!)

  • She lived in France

    Right after birth in the U.S. her Dad was stationed in Châteauroux France, where she spent the first 3 years of her life. They traveled throughout Europe which set a solid foundation that diversity exists and to recognize that we live in a much bigger world so you have to open your mind and accept a lot of interesting perspectives. Having helped thousands of clients throughout the world it’s super easy for her to relate to the global complexities of starting a business.

  • She loves to camp on the Black Rock Desert (The Playa)

    And yes, she has attended Burning Man more than once. However, when you want to get away from it all (literally there is NOTHING on the Playa) you have to haul it all in and haul it all out. It means being completely self-contained and fully dependent on your environment for survival. Talk about open space, peaceful and stars that seem so close you could almost touch them at night! She knows people start companies because they want to control their own destiny…she couldn’t agree more!

  • She teaches adults through the University

    That means she has to help them ‘unlearn’ before they can learn. In fact, she has a saying, “It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.” She is funny, inspirational, and speaks directly from the heart about the joys and frustrations of being a business owner. The neat thing is she never has to make anything up. Because she works with so many folks on a daily business, real life provides all her fodder.

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