The SageFacilitator Program is how I work one-on-one with qualified clients who are serious about creating a true wealth creation/wealth protection strategy.

I know if you go to an attorney you get the legal perspective on your specific situation.  If you go to a tax professional, you get the tax perspective. Talk to a financial advisor and you’ll get yet another perspective. And let’s not forget all the information you can get on the Internet or Uncle Joe’s neighbor, a retired CPA for the last 10 years! So, you either do things haphazardly because you know you need to do something or you do nothing at all because you’re confused and not exactly sure what you should be doing.

As you try to put all the pieces together there’s something else missing. That missing piece is the person who is asking a lot of the right questions to get more of the information that only you know (because it’s all in your head!) which must be discovered to get a total picture ‘30,000-foot view’ to craft good strategy.

The SageFacilitator™ Program is perfect for the individual or couple ready to have intelligent conversations that have proven to be both educational and enlightening, so you can make informed decisions as you begin or are transitioning through…

The Three Phases of Wealth: 

     Phase 1: Building Multiple Streams of Income

                     (Ordinary, Passive, Portfolio)

     Phase 2: Asset Preservation

               (Keep what you have worked so hard to accumulate!)

     Phase 3: Leveraging Your Wealth

         (Legacy Planning)

Our process begins with a Questionnaire. This gives me some of the basics and a good starting point.  Once I receive the Questionnaire, it’s followed by an initial consultation which typically lasts an hour and half. This is when I start to ask and of course answer a lot of questions. This discovery process is how I listen for what you want and what matters to you. I gain a clear understanding of what is important to you not just today but how that plays into crafting your future-based strategy as well.

This understanding (and all our subsequent conversations) allows me to lay out the step by step Action Plan to get and keep you on the right track. This process alone creates tremendous peace of mind because you’re going to finally feel like you’ve found the right person that can fully grasp your unique situation and explain everything in simple terms, provide tremendous insights, offer solutions that you may not know exist, share different options, and essentially becomes your accountability partner to make sure the work gets done.  Everything we discuss is confidential and not shared with anyone unless you authorize me to do so in writing.

After our first call, I create the Diagram and a list of Action Items that addresses what you have, what needs to be cleaned up, what is missing and who is responsible to get the work done.

Some Action Items cost nothing because it’s just getting answers to questions or doing some research or handling things that need to get done before we can move forward. Sometimes there will be additional fees involved if Sage needs to clean up your existing entities or create new ones. Other times it makes sense to work with someone you’re already working with like your Bookkeeper, CPA, Insurance Agent, or other professional and pay their associated fees. And then of course, I may have to make a referral within my network of excellent outside service providers who are the situational experts allowing me to have a much larger ‘toolbox’ that goes way beyond corporations and LLCs.

The power is in knowing in advance what needs to be addressed so you can prioritize via your time, budget and bucket list!

Our goal as we continue to work together is to check off, one-by-one those items that tend to keep you up at night. Once we’re comfortable that the foundation is in order, then we can start to develop the roadmap ahead.  This process can take a month or several years.  It really depends on the result you want to obtain.

My role is to educate and facilitate. I have a unique perspective, not just because I have built and grown successful companies from scratch, but because I have asked and answered a million questions in my 25 years of forming and working with start-ups, nonprofits, real estate investors, business owners, professionals and high net-worth individuals.

You also benefit from my experience teaching Business Planning classes for 9 years through the University Nevada Reno and now teaching my own course, CatalystLIVE!  ( to help existing business owners understand how to create upside leverage and exponential business growth by finding clever ways to maximize their resources and unlock the true potential of their company.

If you agree the SageFacilitator Program is right for you, your one-time investment, based on how many entities you currently have, will be:

Start-up to 2 entities     $ 895*

3 to 5 entities                $1595*

6 plus entities                $2295*

*Does not include any fees to form new entities or any additional products and services that may be recommended as part of your customized step-by-step Action Plan.