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cheri_hill_sagefacilitatorYou started your business for the freedom and adventure of being your own boss, but now you feel buried by your business (or businesses!).  So many entrepreneurs experience this, and some have given up the hope of ever finding the money, time, and control they thought business ownership would bring them.

But take heart! Time and time again, people come to us because they have lots of confusion about the entities they have formed either on their own or through another service provider.  If you do not understand what you have, how you’re supposed to be using them effectively to get all of the liability protection and tax benefits you desire, or find yourself stuck because you don’t know what to do next, we can help.  This program addresses:

  • We forget what we hear.
  • We procrastinate about things we should do.
  • We do not do things we should do.
  • We ignore what we do not want to hear.
  • We lose interest in things that may have once been interesting, but now seem complicated.
  • We do things we should not do.
  • We “go off half-cocked.”

First, we start with a Business Profile Questionnaire and consultation to determine where you are now with regards to Asset Protection, Tax Reduction, Wealth Creation & Estate Planning.  By literally drawing a picture we can see exactly what you have, what you are missing, what is working and what is not.  We have found that this process alone creates tremendous peace of mind with our clients because they finally feel they’ve found the right team that can explain everything in simple terms and actually get a lot of the work done.

Next, we lay out a step-by-step action plan to handle any “clean up” – hence Dept. 409!  This may include Sage filing amendments, dissolutions of unnecessary entities, forming new entities to finish out an appropriate strategy, preparing minutes and resolutions to make sure you are in compliance, referrals to outside service providers that can handle all of the things you are not, plus anything else we feel is important to get you on the right track so you protect and preserve everything you are working so hard to create.

Plus we don’t let go until everything is done.  This process can take a week or it could take months, it really depends on the end result we’re trying to reach.

The key is communication.  We’re all on the same page (this includes your outside advisors as well) making sure everyone understands your wealth building/wealth protection strategy and most important, it lets the experts (Sage Int’l as well as other recommended advisors) handle what they do best so you can stop worrying about the details and just focus on what you do best which is generating income.

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Why Use Sage International, Inc.?


Our goal is to remove the confusion and complexity so that you can make an informed choice right from the start.


Our clients dig the fact that we are available by phone, email and in person. Our Staff is available to answer any questions promptly.


Utilizing our wealth of information from our staff. You can rest assured that we provide education for your success!

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What People Say About Us

Thank you for your informative, engaging, and very valuable presentation at the ANN Reno Conference for Nonprofits. "The Keys to Successful Nonprofit organization will be critical to the success of our fledgling nonprofit. Your presentation style is extremely effective and furthered networking among those attending the conference, Thank You! I appreciate your generosity in sharing your time and expertise with us at the conference.
Kay Gore
For six years we have listened, learned and implemented all of your strategies and advice. I can’t even begin to tell you how fantastic it is to actually see the results we have produced and are getting closer and closer to our financial freedom day.
Forrest & Anna Cummings, Silver Springs NV
I can honestly say that when you speak you have such an amazing ability to make everyone in the room feel comfortable. You are open, honest, funny and brilliant! It is a delight to learn from you and I always walk away with a new ah ha!
Doug Hixson, Reno NV
My wife and I took the class on the Language of Money last Saturday and heard you speak. To be honest with you, both my wife and I wished that you had done the entire class! We found the info you had presented both interesting and hopeful that there is something we can do to protect our business and our money from getting consumed by the IRS.
Steve & Christine Sanders, Sacramento CA
I wish that I could move the clock back 10 years so that I could work as an intern under Cheri S. Hill.
Zenzo Tazawa - Santa Rosa CA
I read Incorporate and Grow Rich in 2005 and took advantage of Sage International’s services to create, an online logistic and insurance management corporation. We went from bootstraps capitol in a spare room to a downtown office with revenue of seven figures in three years. We have always had complex needs, and Sage has always had intelligent, innovative and highly practical answers. Now with double digit growth in spite of an adverse economy, our questions are even more complex and sophisticated, and Sage continues to offer solutions that are flexible, workable and creative as we are. We’ve sent perhaps a dozen clients to Sage over the last few years, and, without exception, everyone of them has thanked us profusely for the recommendation.
Jim Moseley
Cheri, I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed listening to your and Pragito's insights and advice. It really spoke to my heart, and gave me some awesome tools to use to overcome my fears and negative thoughts about my ability to make this new business work, and fulfill my dream of having a more flexible schedule to spend more time with my family. I have signed up for her newsletter.
Christine Wyman
Northern Nevada Metro Woman
Cheri, I can’t express enough how much I appreciate your time, energy, and knowledge. Your support of ProNet Reno is nothing less than phenomenal.
Pieter Droog
ProNet Reno
Dear Cheri, I wanted to thank you for speaking at the Sparks Power Players. I have to say that most of the meetings I have gone to for other organizations are usually very boring and do not pertain to me, but today was great! I got so much out of the material that you presented to us. I want to thank you for your passion and heart for helping companies not only survive, but thrive. I am very excited to apply what I learned today to our business and see the results. Again thank you for your time.
Duane Lee
Moving Consultant
I loved your article in the Northern Nevada Business Weekly about "Sparking Creativity". You make some really great points about the importance of investing in your creative core. For years I have followed the Artists Way and all the books by Julia Cameron, you must be familiar with her work. As an Interior Designer, I love that I am rewarded for my creative ideas and designs. Your article made me smile, gave me some great ideas about how to live a creative life and I wanted to thank you.
Marilee Wintz
I received my minute book and had Danielle give me a walk through. I gave her 5 stars afterwards and One Bravo! Cheri, I give out Few Roses, however in your case you get a Dozen ! I am really looking forward to working along with you in the very near future . Thank you from the bottom of my Dinosaur Heart.
Robert Bingham
Did you find apk for android? You can find new Free Android Games and apps.
Did you find apk for android? You can find new Free Android Games and apps.