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White Paper: Why Asset Protection Must Be A Life-Long Process
White Paper: The #1 Wealth Protection Planning Mistake

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“In the beginners mind there are many possibilities. In the experts mind there are few.”
Shunryo Suziki

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Why Asset Protection Must Be A Life-Long Process

Your financial picture constantly changes so you must constantly review and redesign your plan to keep up with those changes. Assets are added, others are sold or gifted. Your obligations change. So too the legal and financial hazards you face. With time your financial goals and priorities also change. Equally important, asset protection strategies of the past may no longer be the most suitable in light of more recent laws and court decisions that suggest more secure strategies.

For those reasons, make asset planning an ongoing process. Review your program at least annually, and more often if a major event-such as a windfall inheritance or threatening lawsuit-comes your way. Also review your plan if you move to another state. Its laws may dictate a new plan. Only a thorough update on a ...

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Did You Know? – The #1 Wealth Protection Planning Mistake

From the 24 year-old just beginning her career to the multigenerational family with hundreds of millions in assets, the variation among our clients is astounding. Nonetheless, each, in his or her own way, needs some degree of Wealth Protection Planning. Whether it means developing a better risk/reward ratio in an investment portfolio, saving for college costs, reducing income taxes, protecting assets from creditors, or simply creating an efficient estate plan, Wealth Protection Planning impacts us all.  Do not get stuck in the “I am not wealthy enough” trap. It is the first financial landmine you must avoid....

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