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White Paper: Leverage Your Ethics as a Competitive Advantage

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“Respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for others guides our manners.”
– Laurence Sterne

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Leverage Your Ethics as a Competitive Advantage

Every action tells your story. Business practices that are trusting, trustworthy, and cooperative, not opportunistic, communicate the integrity and trustworthiness of your business. It is increasingly important for companies to deal with ethics as a corporate strategy that, when uniquely implemented, achieves competitive advantage.

These days, every business should have a written code of ethics. The code of ethics you create communicates the company's philosophy to employees, vendors, customers, clients and the public. Because of the huge focus on ethics in business many consumers now actively seek out organizations that promise to do business in an honest and ethical manner. As a business owner, writing a code of ethics is one of your most crucial jobs.

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