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White Paper: Why Do Estate Planning?
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Why Do Estate Planning?

henry-abts_cheri-hillMany years ago, I had fortunate pleasure of interacting directly with Henry W. Abts III, author of the bestselling book, The Living Trust and Founder of The Estate Plan (now The Estate Planning Source).  He was passionate about making sure that everyone in this country understood the evils of probate and the many benefits of creating a Living Trust for your family.  My long and extended immers...

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How To Choose A Qualified Estate Planning Attorney

Choosing an attorney to represent you is obviously an important task.  The decision certainly should not be made on the basis of advertising alone.  The Yellow Pages are filled with ads – all of which say basically the same thing.  Anyone can buy a slick commercial, even if they have never done an estate plan before.

You also cannot rely solely on the recommendations of friends and family.  The fact that Attorney Baker did a good job on Uncle Pete’s real estate deal or Cousin Ann’s divorce does not make him or her a qualified, experienced estate-planning attorney.

There are certain questions to ask that will lead you to the best professional legal advice for your family.  It will involve some investment of time on your part, but it’s time well spent.  Remember, this is ...

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