How We Help Real Estate Investors:

Investing in Real Estate with Cheri Hill

How we help Real Estate Investors

What Do Successful Investors Really Buy?


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“Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.”
– Charles Mingus

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How We Help Real Estate Investors

There are basically four stages of investment and reinvestment in the selling of real estate that may take place throughout a lifetime:

  1. Building wealth,
  2. Protecting assets
  3. Creating a stream of income, and
  4. Estate planning

Since I know you wouldn’t walk around with a financial statement taped to your forehead it boggles my mind that so many investors leave their most valuable assets exposed to public scrutiny?

Owning real estate in your own name is like walking around with a giant bulls-eye painted on your back. In every county in the United States, copies of deeds to real estate are public information. Access to this information is available to anyone who chooses to research online or simply go down to the courthouse or county re...

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What Do Successful Investors Really Buy?

Do successful investors prefer properties in perfect condition or that need fixing up? Do they like residential or commercial, downtown or in the suburbs, manufactured, brick or wooden frames, exteriors painted brown or gray?

While any of these choices may describe a particular individual’s comfort zone, the true investor treats the physical property as a secondary issue. He’s not interested in buying the property but in buying the property’s anticipated economic benefits – bottom line, the income stream.

Successful real estate investors don’t make a decision to buy, hold, or sell based on emotional factors. In particular, don’t buy a building because you’ve fallen in love with it; and don’t hold because of sentimental attachment when you really ought to sell. If you ...

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