We wrote the book recommended by Robert Kiyosaki in Rich Dad Poor Dad. An exclusive from Sage International, Inc., this absolutely user-friendly manual is a complete home study course on establishing and effectively administering a corporation or limited-liability company. One of the biggest decisions you will ever make is to go into business for yourself. Whether you are opening an ice cream parlor, starting an internet based business, selling insurance, forming a down line, or investing in real estate, bottom line – you are a business owner. Having a properly formed entity to serve as the foundation of your wealth building enterprise is essential. Without it, you will pay more in taxes and expose your hard-earned assets to creditor attacks, the courts, the IRS, and realistically anyone who is determined to serve you with a frivolous lawsuit. Sage International, Inc. has spent the last 16 years teaching individuals how to properly structure their business and personal assets to avoid The Three Flaming Arrows of Challenge: Liability Exposure, Income Taxes & Death Taxes. Make the commitment to learn how to protect and preserve your wealth today!