There are basically four stages of investment and reinvestment in the selling of real estate that may take place throughout a lifetime:

  1. Building wealth,
  2. Protecting assets
  3. Creating a stream of income, and
  4. Estate planning

Since I know you wouldn’t walk around with a financial statement taped to your forehead it boggles my mind that so many investors leave their most valuable assets exposed to public scrutiny?

Owning real estate in your own name is like walking around with a giant bulls-eye painted on your back. In every county in the United States, copies of deeds to real estate are public information. Access to this information is available to anyone who chooses to research online or simply go down to the courthouse or county recorder’s office and requests a copy of a filed document. It’s easy to find out who owns a piece of property and if there are any liens against it. And with a simple calculation, anyone can figure out how much equity you have in your property to determine if suing you is worthwhile.

There are of course, other serious threats to your wealth besides lawsuits and taxes. Faulty succession planning, poor asset management and uninsured theft/loss/destruction all of which can cost you up to 100% of your estate.

What type of investing are you doing? Where are you doing it? Do you have other investors pooling their funds with you? Are you doing multiple types of investing at the same time? I ask a lot of questions to determine the right strategy and which tools (we have many tools in the toolbox – most investors limit their thinking to LLCs and S Corporations) to use in dealing with your unique situation. Not only do we create the plan, we do the work to get it done right the first time.

We are famous for taking the complex, confusing, and unknown and converting it into simple action steps to handle whatever needs to be done now so you can move forward with confidence and experience peace of mind. The Sage team is tested, stretched and forced to think outside the box every day. For us it’s all about providing you with the solutions to create your desired results.