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One of the biggest decisions you will ever make is to go into business for yourself.  Whether you are opening an ice cream parlor, starting an internet based business, selling insurance, forming a down line, or investing in real estate, bottom line – you are a business owner.

Having a properly formed entity to serve as the foundation of your wealth building enterprise is essential.  Without it, you will pay more in taxes and expose your hard-earned assets to creditor attacks, the courts, the IRS, and realistically anyone who is determined to serve you with a frivolous lawsuit.

So what stops most individuals from moving forward in the most tax-efficient, lawsuit-preventative, financially tested, safe and secure way?  Confusion!  Should I form a corporation or an LLC?  How about an S Corp?  How many entities should I form?  That’s why after so many years, working with so many clients, Sage has discovered the true advantages and disadvantages of each form of business ownership.  We also recognize the importance of sharing this information with you – the business owner.

Of course, this still does not answer your question … which entity would work best for your particular situation?  There is no silver bullet — no one perfect strategy that works for everyone.  There is not one tool, one solution, one program that solves it all.  Anyone telling you otherwise is likely misleading you, and would appear not to have your best interest at heart.  In fact, the only way anyone can help you find the right path to achieve your personal financial freedom is by listening to you and obtaining answers to key questions.  What is it you are trying to accomplish?  What type of business are you conducting?  In what state(s) do you conduct business? How are you earning your income (earned, passive, portfolio)?  Do you have money partners?  And so on…  Only then can specific action steps be developed.

Now you could certainly take this gift of information and decide to set up your own entity because you think it will cost you less.  Of course, in the long run it will not.  Will you have a clear idea of how this entity will work for you?  Will you have a thorough understanding of everything required of you to take advantage of all the tax benefits and asset protection strategies?  Will you have the ongoing support to help you keep your company in good standing?  Will you have the benefit of working with a knowledgeable team of individuals who continually seek out new alliances, products, services, information and untapped resources across the United States who, in turn, will share with you?

While you may feel the initial cost is less, in the long run it may cost you everything you have worked so hard to achieve.  Remember, this is your foundation!  Everything else builds upon this along with the expectation that it is going to withstand the challenges every business owner must face.  This is an absolute investment in your future and your family’s future.  So do it right – with the right people – right from the start!

So, you ask – what sets Sage apart from other companies?  Have you ever heard of The Prosperity Principal?  You are prospered to the extent that, and in the fashion that, you prosper others.  Sage International, Inc. believes, teaches, and demonstrates this principle every day with our clients.  We have a proven track record of turning budding entrepreneurs into savvy, successful business owners.  In fact, the relationship you develop with Sage is an opportunity to work with a team of very talented and educated individuals who will literally hold your hand through the entire process – before, during and after your entity is formed.  Through a shared vision of results, we look forward to traveling into the future with you, making sense of this epic journey you are about to undertake.  Our goal is to develop a client for life.  Enjoy and Prosper!