Often times, people come to us because they have filed an entity on their own, nonprofit corporations included. What I often discover when reviewing their organization is the following:

  1. The required IRS wording which needs to be included in the Articles of Incorporation is missing.
  2. They have no Bylaws or Organizational Minutes showing election of Directors and Officers.
  3. They are missing a Conflict of Interest Policy.
  4. They have not filed for tax-exempt status and time is or has run out.
  5. They don’t have any idea what to do if someone wants to donate money and what they have to give them in return (Donation Letter).
  6. They have not registered prior to fundraising in the states they are soliciting donations.
  7. They are delinquent with the State for failing to file annual reports etc.
  8. And of course, so much more!

If this sounds familiar because you’re involved in a nonprofit at any level, I want you know there is help, not just from Sage Int’l but from my amazing network of resources related to nonprofits. Just like a regular corporation or LLC, nonprofits have to first run like a business which means they need a proper paper trail showing that everything they are doing is on the up and up. States (and the IRS) are very serious about going after nonprofits that do not comply with state and federal law.

Nonprofits organizations are an increasingly crucial part of our society. I want to make sure they stay passionate and focused on the cause and not give up because they feel overwhelmed by compliance. In fact, I have developed over three years’ worth of educational materials I email systematically to all of our nonprofit clients to make sure they learn the ABCs of running a successful nonprofit.