The Nevada Legislature approved S.B. 483 (the Nevada Revenue Plan), a package of tax changes championed by Governor Brian Sandoval. The tax package includes an increase in the corporation annual business fee, an expanded payroll tax, a higher cigarette tax, and a new Commerce Tax on the gross receipts of businesses with at least $4 million in revenues in Nevada, along with making temporary payroll tax and sales tax increases permanent. This of course, all under the premise of supporting education in our state! The good news is that they chose not to attach a gross receipts tax to the business license fee and instead went with a flat increase for corporations.


Under existing law, all Nevada businesses pay a business license fee of $200 annually. Beginning July 1, 2015 the fee will increase to $500 for corporations while remaining at $200 for pass-through businesses (LLCs & LPs). All entities will see an increase in the initial and annual list filing fee by $25.

Business License Fee Current July 2015, Under New Law
Corporations $200 $500
Pass Throughs $200 $200
Initial & Annual List $125 – $11,100 $150 – $11,125